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Join the Chattanooga Engineers Club

The Chattanooga Engineers Club welcomes new members from the Chattanooga technical community and surrounding area. For new applicants, three types of memberships are available:

Full Members
Associate Members
Student Members

A Full Member is a person of good character who has been engaged in the fields of engineering, architecture or scientific endeavor for at least five years. Full-time study at a recognized college or university may be considered equivalent to up to four years of practice.

An Associate Member is a person of good character who, by scientific knowledge or practical experience, is closely associated with engineering, but who does not fulfill the requirements for a Full Member. He has all the rights and privileges of Full Members except the right to hold an elective office.

A Student Member is a person of good character who is pursuing an undergraduate course of study in the field of engineering or related sciences in a college or university acceptable to the Executive Committee.

The annual membership dues for these categories are

Full Members: $60/year
Associate Members: $60/year
Student Members: $25/year

Membership applications are available at the weekly presentation meetings. You can also download an application and mail the completed application along with a check for the first year’s dues to the address provided on the form.

Download printable application form

Note that application form requires the listing of three references from members of technical firms or organizations or current members of the Chattanooga Engineers Club. Also, the application must be reviewed and approved by three members of the Executive Committee.

Before you join you may want to attend some of the weekly Club meetings. You will be very welcomed. The upcoming program announcements are usually provided at the top of our web site home page. Also, you can be included on the email newsletter distribution list by applying here: CEC Newsletter