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Newsletter for August 14, 2017



Monday, August 14: Update on the Widening of US 27 from I-24 across the Olgiati Bridge, Julie Alcantara, MBA, Project Manager at Volkert, Inc.


Julie will describe the construction project widening the next section of I-124 (US-27) from I-24 to the Olgiati Bridge over the TN River in downtown Chattanooga, including some project history, details of what to expect during construction, and a timeline for completion.


Note: PDH certificates will be available for attendance at this meeting.


MEETING LOGISTICS: The meeting will be held at the Chattanoogan Hotel located at 1201 Broad Street Chattanooga, TN 37402 in The Foundry. Parking is valet only, and the valet slip can be validated by the Broad Street Grille for free parking. Tips are not included for valet parking. The vehicle entrance for the hotel is from 13th Street. The valet drop-off is at the covered hotel entrance. Street metered parking is also available around the hotel. The meeting is from 12 noon to 1 pm EST. All attendees are welcome to join us for lunch before the meeting. The cost for those having lunch is $16 for the full buffet.



Monday July 24: ASME Non-Destructive Exam (ANDE) and Quality Control Update, Tracie Clifford, Interim Department Head of Engineering Systems Technology

and Mike Turnbow, Committee Chair of ANDE Nuclear Power Industry Sector


Mr. Turnbow summarized a recent study which found that there are a decreasing number of NDE employers, an increasing demand for inspection of aging equipment, wide variations in the personnel certification processes (no standard), and a long run of examination results which indicate that current personnel can only find about half of the failure situations they encounter.


Government regulators turned to ASME for help in developing more effective and standardized training for NDE & QC personnel. ASME chose the Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) format which is well established for many other purposes and adapted it to NDE. They put a special focus on Job Task Analysis (what a person needs to do) so that they could train to those tasks and award Qualification Cards which show actual working capability (written and practical tests) not just time on the job. Chatt State had a natural benefit of the right lab equipment and instructors at the right time, so the first generation of this new training program will be held in Chattanooga but then soon expanded to Piedmont Junior College which is located near EPRI and which has been the traditional training organization for many years.


Note: PDH certificates were available for attendance at this meeting. If someone would like an electronic copy of PDH certificates for this or previous meetings, please contact Fred Sumrall at



Monday, August 21: No meeting - summer schedule. Find a place to experience the eclipse!


Monday, August 28: Tour of Davron Technologies, Inc.




Wednesday, August 9: Lunch and Learn with green|spaces, 11:30 am 1:00 pm

AS Filtration will be presenting information regarding the impact of side stream filtration on energy, water consumption, and overall cost savings.


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