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About the Chattanooga Engineers Club

The Chattanooga Engineers Club was established to promote the exchange of ideas and to learn about current developments and trends in science engineering and technology. In addition, the Club participates in projects of interest to the public that require engineering/technical expertise. It encourages K-12 students to gain a better understanding of technology and to consider a career in a technical field. It supports community and state efforts to improve the education system so that students get a better exposure and understanding of the world around them and that they are able see how science, math, engineering and technology can play a vital role in making the world a better place.

The Engineers Club meets most Mondays from noon till 1:00 p.m. at the Chatanoogan Hotel in downtown Chattanooga. Here speakers present various topics related to engineering, science and technology as well as subjects in education, medicine, politics, community issues and other topics of general interest to the members. When a meeting date falls on the fifth Monday of the month the club holds an area field trip to a processing or manufacturing plant or to any other site that the club members find interesting. You can get an idea of the meetings that have been held in the past by clicking here: Previous Meetings

Other Engineers Club Involvement and Support
Here are some of the other activities in which the Engineers Club is a major supporter and participant:

E-week - National Engineers Week is an annual event to raise public awareness of engineers and the work they do. The Club is an active participant in the local Engineers Week event, which includes sharing engineering experiences with K-12 students in schools, at the museums, in mall exhibits, and in events such as Mathcounts and the Science Olympiad. In addition to these events there is a kick-off luncheon and an awards banquet, both of which are open to the public.

MathCounts- This is a national math enrichment, coaching and competition program that promotes middle school enthusiasm for and achievement in mathematics through a series of fun and engaging "bee" style contests. The Chattanooga Chapter of MathCounts holds annual competitions during the celebration of E-week.

Science Fair- The Engineers Club is a major supporter of the Regional Science and Engineering Fair. The Fair highlights and rewards scientific talent through student exhibits and demonstrations. In particular, it allows high school students to gain experience in science and engineering and it stimulates their interest in scientific investigation beyond that covered in the classroom.

Chattanooga Robotics- This is a Lego robotics competition program for students in the age range of 9 to 14. Through the program, students gain practical experience in teamwork, problem solving, personal and time management, as well as technical skills in computer programming, construction and mechanical engineering, measurement and goal-setting.

Scholarships - The Club provides scholarships to Chattanooga State Community College and UTC students who are majoring in engineering, science, math, or computer science.

Community Projects- The Chattanooga Engineers Club also participates in community projects that require engineering/technical expertise and support. Some of the project it has undertaken or in which it has played a role include:
    The Club was involved in helping to establish an engineering school at UTC and the eventual creation of the current College of Engineering

    The Club also conducted studies and became an advocate for the creation of a vocational community college that eventually became the Chattanooga State Community College

    The Engineers Club participated in the long but eventually successful efforts to gain approval for the construction of an engineering school building on the UTC campus.

    The Club conducted a study to assess the impact of a city proposal to end the one-way traffic flow in several downtown traffic arteries.

Our History
More details about these activities and about the general history of the Chattanooga Engineers Club can be found here: Club History